The story of The Joseph and Anthony Manzi Foundation 

The formation of The JAMF, in honor of our loved ones; brothers Joe and Anthony Manzi, began by the support and coming together of friends. We are a very humble family. Amidst our losses, when tragedy struck us not once, but twice, we have been overwhelmed with the care and compassion given to us. Our community has felt the tremendous loss as well. These two men touched others in deep ways, as friends and in brotherhood. In an effort to honor these incredible men, our community has rallied to honor them, and keep all that was good, wonderful and spirited about them, alive.

On December 21st 2002, Joe passed away at the age of 23 in a snowmobile accident. He was a beloved member of our community. He was compassionate, funny and an extremely talented musician. He was the type of person who always had a heart for those in need. He was a good friend, a funny companion to those around him, and always extended a helping hand. Joe played in many bands over the years and was a natural talent on the drum-set. This tall, lanky man was so smooth and cool! It is no surprise that he decided to serve on the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department, quickly making friends in that close knit circle and feeling the pride of a position of service in the community. His passion for music and commitment to community service would carry over into our mission for the future of the foundation. Soon after Joe passed, his friends at the Fire Department started a memorial fundraiser in his name. Thus began what would become The Joseph Manzi Foundation. 

In 2003, the annual Joseph Manzi Memorial Golf Tournament was launched. In 2007, our organization became established as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and officially given the name The Joseph Manzi Foundation, Inc. As our foundation became more established and its presence made in the community, we were able to start distributing funds to local organizations and for scholarships. One of our first major achievements was purchasing AED's for the fire departments.

Anthony had been serving as President of the foundation since it's conception. When, in 2012, Anthony received the staggering news of his diagnosis with Peritoneal Mesothelioma, he was determined to live and continue on in every way possible. Anthony was an extremely faithful man and also an unbelievably talented musician. In the years after his diagnosis, he used his time on earth to make music, be a kick-ass Dad, wonderful husband, awesome son and amazing friend. Prior to his illness, he played with two well-known CT bands: Stanley Maxwell and Avenue Groove. He also served his church as a leader and musician. After his diagnosis and as he ailed, he focused more on playing music inspired by his faith, connecting with friends, serving through ministry and prayer gatherings, connecting with the hurting, and openly talking about his faith to anyone who would hear. He also loved guy stuff too (lol) like golf, cooking on his BBQ smoker, smoking his tobacco pipes, afternoons chopping and stacking wood (and lining up the chain saws lol) and snowmobiling. He most enjoyed hanging out with family, friends and his two best buds; his sons Joe and Nick. When Anthony passed on December 22nd 2019, we truly believed he had gone to be in his glory with Jesus Christ.

In September 2020, after many delays and the tumultuous year of COVID, we completed our Grand Finale 18th Golf Tournament. We announced the new foundation name, to include both brothers: The Joseph and Anthony Manzi Foundation, Inc. Though it was our last tournament, we continue with other fundraising efforts and our generous giving and presence in the community!

Before he passed, serving as President of The Joseph Manzi Foundation, Anthony oversaw the distribution of over $450,000 to our community! Please see our history of giving! Our list of donation recipients is vast and includes a wide variety of organizations; first responders, fire departments, safety programs, music programs, schools, special needs programs, social organizations and so much more! We will continue this mission of generous giving!

A few especially meaningful achievements of the foundation are the creation of The Joseph Manzi Music Lab at McGee Middle School and the implementation of The Manzi Foundation Summer Band Camp. The music lab continues to be used in the middle school curriculum and is a vital part of the music program! Summer Band Camp is still running and expanding every year! 

As always, our work with the Fire Departments and Veterans is always special to us. We recently donated the funds for the much needed professional ID badge system for the Fire Departments. Also we were able to give a large donation to The Gold Star Families Memorial in Berlin. We are so grateful to be called upon for such things.

We strive to continue the mission of the foundation; giving back. We thank you honestly and humbly, for your continued support and love. Without you, we could do nothing. Thank you!

Board of Directors

President: Christine Manzi

Vice President & Treasurer: Beverly Manzi

Member: Anthony N. Manzi 

Member: Richard Benson 

Member: David DeMichele 

Member: Kevin Lamoureux

The Joseph and Anthony Manzi Foundation is a 501(3)c non-profit organization. 192 Harvest Hill Rd, Kensington, CT 06037

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